Sketches and Ink was created to be your one stop shop for ALL of your creative needs. Our designers have literally worked with top companies in various industries… LITERALLY! Over here, we do our best to cover all of our client’s and customer’s needs… WHATEVER THEY NEED! 


For apparel, we use premium quality materials to make our garment. One thing we encourage our clients is to STOP USING READY-MADE APPAREL!!!


What’s a ready-made? A ready-made is a product THAT’S ALREADY MADE! For example… 


Tom from Tom’s Awesome Clothing Company is creating his own brand. The first thing Tom wants to do is create his own hooded sweatshirt with his very own design. So instead of creating the sweatshirt from scratch, Tom buys A BUNCH of hooded sweatshirt blanks from a company that rhymes with Shmane’s! 


Once Tom purchases the hooded sweatshirts from Shmane’s and paid a TON for them… he still has to get the hoodies embroidered or silkscreened PLUS have a label sewn on which costs extra. The REAL BUMMER for Tom is that his hoodie has Tom’s AWESOME Clothing Company labeled, embroidered or silkscreened on the front along with an awesome accent woven label sewn on a pocket… BUT there’s a BIG Shmane’s size + care label inside the hoodie… POOR TOM! He tried to tell the world that he has Tom’s Awesome Clothing Company but his Awesome Clothing Company is showing that its made by Shmane’s... not Tom.

So who are we? We're the guys here to help you create EVERYTHING from scratch! From the design to the actual product... We are Sketches & Ink!


Nilo Jones

Nilo Jones has been around the action sports industry for over 20 years working with multi-billion dollar brands and their subsidiaries. Products he created has been sold in major department stores as well as retail chains worldwide. His unique style lead him to design and eventually become a partner of his old friend Christopher "Big Black" Boykin (MTV's Rob & Big / Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory / MTV2's Guy Code) for the BB | Do Work! Brands.

Nilo's hands on approach lead him to create works that include, apparel, accessories, watches, sunglasses, shoes, and so much more. Today, his work could still be seen in stores worldwide but he also specializes in starter companies to create a full functioning brand. Plenty of his new clients who launched their brands have made over $100K in their premiere season. His passion is to make a new brand look like a seasoned brand and he works personally with each.